How do I Create a DTS Account?

Before the DTS Army creates an account, have your organization’s current DTS POC available if you’re using DTS as a member of the military. Then, reset your user ID. This helps create your AF Reserve profile. Next, follow the steps below to create a DTS account.

Users without an existing DTS profile can enroll themselves the first time they log on to the system. To register with DTS, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your computer and open Internet Explorer. Make sure the CAC is in her CAC reader.
  • Go to his DTS home page at or type “DTS” into a web search engine. The DTS home page is shown below.
  • Check that you are in compatibility mode by checking for the torn paper-like icon at the end of the web address bar (circled in the image below). A shaded (blue or gray) background is required. If not, click the icon to switch to compatibility mode. If you don’t see the icon, your operating system is already in compatibility mode.

How do I Create a DTS Account - 01

  • Click “Log In” in the large blue box near the top of the DTS Home Page.

How do I Create a DTS Account - 02

  • Next, you will see the DoD Privacy and Ethics Policy. Read the policy and select Agree. Select Deny to return to the DTS home page.

How do I Create a DTS Account - 03

  • Once accepted, a dialog box will appear asking you to select your DTS Army certificate. So, you have to select a valid certificate and click OK.

How do I Create a DTS Account - 04

  • Now, you have officially entered the DTS, as shown below.

How do I Create a DTS Account - 05

DTS Self-Registration Instructions (Available Download in PDF)

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DTS Self-Registration Instructions [1.04 MB]

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